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Maniac Pre-workout Powder by Anabolic Warfare

Maniac Pre-workout Powder by Anabolic Warfare

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  • Pre-workout Powder: Maniac is a pre workout drink mix packed with 14 of the best  ingredients on the planet to help enhance performance, pumps, strength, focus, thermogenesis, energy and hypertrophy while training.*
  • Gain Strength*: Maniac pre workout includes a beta-alanine and creatine powder to help improve power and strength by gaining lean muscle growth.*
  • Boost Energy & Focus*: Our pre-workout supplement contains lion’s mane mushroom powder to support mental clarity and help you stay focused.* L-citrulline powder is also included to help maintain your energy and build your endurance.*
  • Explosive Strength & Power*: Anabolic Warfare’s pre-workout features Infinergy, a buffered version of caffeine that helps reduce feelings of fatigue, improves concentration, and increases physical performance.*
  • Ingredients You Can Trust: Our protein is made  at our GMP facility so you get a safe, pre-workout powder for men and women. We stand by our products and your pursuit to live a healthy and happy life. 
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